TOP: The Outstanding Principals

The School Principal
The school manager’s role is vital. Beyond educational leadership, the school manager oversees all other aspects of school operations.

Now more than ever, school managers face seemingly insurmountable challenges, but in the midst of such trials, a few choose to prevail. They persist and lead their schools to excellence. It is about time that these courageous and dedicated educators are recognized.

It’s about time that their stories of success be told.

The Outstanding Principals  (TOP)
The Outstanding Principals (TOP) is a nationwide search for remarkable school managers who provide high-quality learning opportunities for their students and demonstrate excellent models of institutional management.

Through this we hope to recognize the exceptional efforts of school owners, directors, and principals in catalyzing positive change in their respective school communities. This will also be a platform for nominees and awardees to share their expertise and best practices.

TOP would serve as an inspiration to school managers as they strive to mentor their teachers and mold their students into well-rounded and innovative global citizens amidst social pressures, financial limitations, and environmental challenges.

An Outstanding Principal is a multi-faceted individual. He/She exemplifies multiple characteristics that combine to create an effective leader. Candidates may be nominated for any of the following categories:

Category 1: Instructional Leadership
1. Produces impressive graduates
2. Realizes the school’s philosophy
3. Implements a curriculum that works

Category 2: School Management
1. Growth from a small school to an institution
2. Wise budgeting for the school
3. Efficiency in operations

Category 3: Mentoring
1. Turns ordinary teachers into outstanding ones
2. Boosts faculty morale
3. Handles conflict situations in the school

Category 4: Client Relations
1. Knows what parents want
2. Deals well with difficult parents
3. Generates maximum parent satisfaction

Category 5: Community Involvement
1. Gets the community to help the school
2. Promotes student learning through community building
3. Builds relations with local government