Our school has hired a marketing consultant who handles how to market our school better. She deals primarily with this aspect, and attending this seminar was really more for us to understand what she was already doing.

— Jennifer C. Pascual

The conference has been very beneficial for: 1) finding our objectives as a school; 2) understanding our market, students, and parents; and 3) better promoting our school thru digital methods. The difficulty is in trying to implement change or new change with which existing staff may have a tough time. The speakers are informative in their fields.

 — Neville J. Chin

Marketing/advertising our school has always been quite a challenge for our marketing team, and this seminar has given me many avenues to take and ideas to share with my team. There were excellent speakers in the seminar, and the content shared will definitely help us at St. Paul University Iloilo in addressing our problems with marketing, use of social media, etc. I am tasked to echo what I have learned from this seminar to all my colleagues, and I’m sure they will find the ideas useful and they will appreciate and enjoy the “echo” as I have enjoyed the seminar.  Kudos to Ahead! More seminars to come!

— Jieza Napone
    St. Paul University Iloilo


Best practices shared during the two-day session will definitely be rolled out for the school’s campaign to better our existing website and page in FB, although one at a time. That way we’d know more which one works for/against us. The speakers were knowledgeable and helpful. The conference is highly recommended. The sessions are not to be missed out on.

— Ria Penalosa


Implementing an online strategized-marketing plan and fixing the website are the strategies that I would implement immediately. The website is the first thing that interests future clients, who will look at it to get to know more about the school. It will create the first impression. It is also our way of communicating with the world and building a relationship. The Internet is a very important tool in marketing, in the sense that its reach is vast and wide and can be cost friendly if time is dedicated to searching and creating a separate online marketing strategy. Prioritizing online marketing will be a part of my to-do list and not just something to attend to when I have the time. Carlo Ople was very interesting and he really demanded attention.

 — Regina del Rosario


The inputs enriched me greatly as I am now pulling up our promotional campaign strategies this scholastic year. I will commit to apply the principles I’ve learned definitely by integrating them in our marketing plans, especially the concepts of brand purpose and cross-channel marketing. Immediately we must establish a definitive, clear brand purpose, because this is necessary. We must harness the power of the Internet in our school environment and be definite with our positioning statement.

— Frederick Reyes


How the technology nowadays affects our way of communication or marketing learning and teaching tools—the impersonal and professional aspects are the significant insights I had from the conference. Lots of ideas to consider; this is an eye-opener. Very efficient and effective resource persons. I would recommend it to other educators because they would gain a lot of knowledge.

— Roselle Clemena


I will apply all the learning, especially on Facebook and the school’s website. Now I know what a good website for the school is, and I will not let the cons mentioned be in our website. The FB pages of the school are not active and are not being updated regularly. Websites must be easy to navigate, user friendly, and must always consider the users, especially on the design and content. The speakers were very suited to their topics, and I have learned a lot. I would recommend it to other educators because it will teach a lot, especially the wrong things done on websites, wrong practices on Facebook accounts, etc.

 — Aldwin Jay Cuntapay


I learned a lot about the Internet being a game changer. I think I’ll use that to our advantage. SEO is going to help us a lot in marketing. The transparency of building trust amongst the netizens and creating a value brand is important. We’ll know very soon. The insights I got would be very useful. Duston was great! Yes, I would recommend it to other educators. Should be a must for all schools who want to persist in the knowledge age.

— Nato Agbayani


The seminar helped to identify the next steps to increase/improve our digital media marketing. I feel better equipped to work hand-in-hand with our PR/marketing agency, as well as to increase our presence in social media.

— Lestie Fronteras


As much as possible I’d like to use all the strategies that were presented to us in order to maximize exposure and communication. The websites and enhancement of such is definitely the number one strategy that I will implement, because it is vital that when people search for our school we are present on the Web. The conference was very helpful and full of useful and interesting tips that would really boost the visibility and reach of the school. The conference has given me a brighter hope for the future of our school in terms of better marketing. The speakers were a perfect fit to the conference’s theme and were well equipped and educated in the digital marketing subject.

— Camille Franchesca C. Go


The learning in marketing from the conference could be used in our digital marketing. The digital marketing strategies that I would immediately use would be website promotion and daily updates. The most significant insight from the conference would be the email marketing by Carlo Ople. I would recommend the program to other educators for them to understand the digital world, for the purpose of school promotion.

— Regan Bernabat


I will use the lessons I learned here in our promotional moves, as well as in marketing retention and operations of the school (website, newsletters, collaterals, etc.). I would immediately implement the cross-channel marketing strategy. My most significant insight is that making it to the top isn’t expensive. We can use the resources we have to elevate our school. The conference made me think out of the box and taught me that adhering to values is a foolproof tool in digital marketing. The speakers are professional and witty! I love them all! I would recommend the program to other educators because “it’s about time.” Thank you AHEAD!

— Lean Karl Panganiban


Because of what I learned at the conference, I will be more aware of our online persona and make sure to create a unique identity for ourselves when talking to our students on the Net. We will be studying up on SEO methods to implement on our website to increase Internet traffic. My most significant insights would be, first, that updating the school with modern technology doesn’t have to be expensive, and second, that going with full integration will have its hard points but will pay off once fully functional. It made me re-think the ways we could provide service for the students and parents. The speakers have all been helpful and informative, especially Mr. Ople. I would recommend it to other educators, because it would certainly open up the minds of a lot of schools and probably remove or reduce the apparent technophobia.

— Krytfr Jesus L. Pangan


I don’t belong to a school, but I plan to use the information from the conference for the different schools that we work with. I am sure some of the schools will have use for the information that was made available to us. I will assign one person to our Facebook and website to monitor them daily. We don’t want this to backfire on us! The most significant insight is that we have no choice but to face social media head on. Students now are the experts in technology, but they don’t have the expertise in principles. Therefore, we (adults, teachers, parents) should take back that authority. SEO was interesting, too! I learned so much about digital marketing that I never knew about. I really liked Carlo Ople, but everyone was good as well. Definitely I would recommend it to other educators. I am already thinking of how I can disseminate this program. Keep me in the loop for future programs. Thanks!

— Cari L. Azores


I am truly satisfied with the way the conference was conducted. I realized that with the proper knowledge of social media and its effect on the educational system, all educators will be able to find better ways to conduct innovative classes—fun-filled and an exciting combination of knowledge and social media. Digital media can play a very powerful role to help schools in our country serve their purpose—to educate the Filipino youth to be competitive globally.

— Jennifer Valdez
     Student Development Coordinator


We will create a more efficient and easy-to-navigate website. Social networking sites and brand building and awareness are some of the strategies that I would implement immediately. They gave useful information that we could use in communicating outside the company—to be able to understand digital marketing, where the world is going.

— Maricel Mulawin


As for our company, we would focus on implementing e-books and e-learning on our target school market. One of the significant insights would be on brand building—how we position our company and focus on differentiation among competitors. The speakers were able to give us inputs on their assigned presentations.

— John Rhen Luzon


Digital marketing is very overwhelming, with lots of topics and strategies to deal with. Very interesting for learning, especially in this age of computers/technologies. I am hoping for the seminar to be a 1-week seminar so that speakers can explore more and explain more in detail their specialty in digital marketing.

— Julia Mirambel


I am not a marketer of the school, but I can definitely relay the information to my department head and suggest effective ways to promote the school through the use of digital marketing. Search engine optimization and cyber bullying are relevant stuff I can share with my students. High school kids nowadays are so well-versed on the use of social media, and they are so much fond of learning of their “flames” online. It can be a good way to call their attention to refrain from, if not totally stop, degrading and defaming people online. There are positive lights in going online… Applying the digital media is helping the students.

— Yvette Policarpio


I would utilize the existing tools and ways in communication (website and social media sites). Digital marketing as discussed by Carlo Ople was really good. He inspired me to look deeper into the reality of marketing as a way to innovate things in the Web. Digital marketing ethics by Prof. Aran III and SEO by Mr. Estrada gave me more knowledge. Innovate and be dynamic in marketing. All speakers emphasize both languages under marketing and technology. I would recommend the conference, especially for those who are not “techie” people.

— Raymund Baesa


I will use what I learned by helping out in empowering the website, by giving suggestions for the content and the design. The strategies that I think we can use are SEO and the formulation of online etiquette for school personnel and students. The principles of marketing are the same; it’s just that social media are very viral if the content world permits it. There are principles that need to be taken note of, as well as responsibilities as educators, as adults, and as private individuals.

— Ascar Mendoza


The range of topics was comprehensive. I got a lot of insights and ideas from this seminar. Enjoyed Carlo Ople’s talk, got most from Jake Estrada and Eng. Cruz. The conference has a lot of info.

— Claudine Sia Lucente


I will update our website regularly and make it more informative and appealing. Digital marketing is a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing and more effective too. I am better armed with significant and valuable digital marketing info. Most of the speakers were effective. I would recommend it to other educators.

— Kristin Reyes


As I am new to digital marketing, the seminar showed me on how to market our brand. Social media are a significant insight because they have a broader audience. The seminar has given me insights that can further improve our strategies. The speakers addressed their topics very well. It was presented in a very good way.

— Brian Gonzales




LESSM brings out new innovation in the teaching world. In 2009, LESSM came up with a training series that not only enhanced the leadership skills of public school principals but also upgraded their knowledge on the use of ICT in school administration. We also bring out the best in them by equipping them with practical applications of ICT in school management.  Here’s what our participants have to say:



Name: Salvacion T. Custodio
Designation: Public Schools District Supervisor
School: Dep Ed, District Office, Jordan II, Guimaras

This program is very relevant to us educational leaders. With the use of ICT, I am sure; we could produce graduates who are globally competitive in terms of their academic performance. I foresee myself as a better educator if I will apply all the leanings I gained from the seminar.

Name: Edlyn D. Legita
Designation: Education Program Supervisor I/ Div. ICT Coordinator
School: DepEd. Div. of Guimaras

The program is very relevant to the needs of school managers. It enhanced our knowledge, skills, and attitudes in managing our school effectively with upgrades on ICT. Trough the training that I had with LESSM, I can now effectively assist the school heads and provide them better technical assistance in using ICT in their schools.

Name: Melita G. Magbanua
Designation: School Principal I
School: Calaya NHS

I was very grateful I was a participant in this training for I was able to enhance my little knowledge in ICT. This will surely help me to effectively do my job as a school principal because I am now adept with the use of ICT. It would be easy for me to give assistance to my teachers when they need it in terms of the usage of ICT.


Name: Suaze, Jomel D.
Designation: Teacher I
School: Alaminos National High School

The topics discussed by the speakers during the seminar are all relevant and useful. I learned that it’s not enough to be familiar with ICTs but most importantly I have learned the importance of ICT in the integration in the improvement of our schools.
The resource speakers are all excellent as they communicate with the participants with passion; they have the ability to stimulate the audience interest and to maintain it up to the end of the session.

Name: Germelina E. Monding
Designation: Principal
School: Sto. Niño Elementary School

I must say that the program is really designed for school leaders. For me it is an eye opener because I realized the importance of being ICT literate. Trough this seminar I really would like to be a catalyst of change by integrating ICT in traditional school discussions.

Name: Arleen B. Manuzon
Designation: Teacher III
School: San Miguel Elementary School


Name: Milton G. Marrero
Designation: Principal
School: Bontoc Central School

The program will surely help me become a better educator because I will implement the use of ICT in managing our school. I recommend other educators to attend the program/ training since ICT is really relevant in school administration at this time.

Name: James L. Fiao-Ag
Designation: TIC
School: Data Elem. School

The program is great! It gave me a clear view of the benefits of using ICT in school. All the contents of the program are discussed in a very informative manner. The program also taught me how to use the different ICT programs in making my reports more effectively and efficiently.

Name: Edwina G. Lansangan
Designation: Principal I
School: Calzadang Bayu E/S Porac East Dist. Division of Pampanga

As school heads, we need a seminar program like this, which, does not only reiterate our role as school leader, but also enhances our leadership skills further by using ICT.

Name: Aurora C. Peralta
Designation: Sch. Principal IV
School: Narvacan National Central High School, Paratong Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

This leadership strategies training for School Managers is one of a kind. The content of this program is very relevant for us school leaders because we are now in a technologically advanced environment. School leaders must work hard to produce a brood of globally competitive future leaders.

Name: Merlinda T. Tablan
Designation: ESP III
School: Balanga Integrated School.

LESSM is indeed beneficial to the Philippine education sector. Our institutions are in dire need of IT programs/ projects which will produce globally competitive graduates. Technology is continuously advancing; therefore there is a need for students as well as educators to keep up with the demands of changing times. It is important that we use these technologies for our own social progress.

Name: Lisa G. Austria
Designation: ESHT- III
School: Our Lady of Lourdes E/S

The program, which is centered on the leadership training of principals, had added another leadership mileage for us in terms of the maximum use of ICT and as a powerful tool in school management. After the program, I am more challenged to try every program that is on the computer and on the internet.

LESSM provided substantial knowledge to school managers that could be of great help in the development of our schools. Creating a strategic plan to achieve goals is like the foundation of how we could implement ICT education in our field. It has helped me become a better educator because I am now ready to face the challenges brought about by the digital age.

“This is very much needed if we want the principals to be really empowered…”

 “It has enhanced my managerial skills and leadership styles for effective leadership.”

 “Very appropriate, effective, and relevant”

 “Other principals should also learn what we learned…”

 “This is a refresher course for all seasoned school administrators”

 “I was enlightened by topics presented with very competent speakers”

 “A very good learning opportunity.”

 “The seminar helps me upgrade my professional competencies.”

 “It has helped me affirm my role as a school manager.”

 “It provided me additional knowledge on school management.”

 “It enriched and refreshed me on the different principles of leadership.”

 “It relates leadership styles to  the actual organizational setting.”[/box]