5 Roles Principals Play

10665194_563186777142591_4093972389159672897_nEvery sports team has a coach who calls the shots, and every restaurant kitchen a chef who makes sure the dishes are prepared well and on time. Even at home, a parent is in charge of the household to make sure that things run smoothly. In educational institutions, the one who has a similar responsibility of leading teachers and students is the school principal.

Being “called to the principal’s office” often connotes that a student has done something wrong and needs to be punished. For this reason, the principal’s role is thought to be the school’s number one disciplinarian. But if you look at the bigger picture, a school principal takes on much more than that. They are also entrusted to:

1 Lead the instruction of students

How well a school principal performs this function ultimately decides the kind of graduates the school produces, and how students realize the school’s vision and mission. It is also up to the principal to implement the school curriculum in such a way that it will not only produce the desired results, but also help the students achieve academic growth.

2 Manage the school’s operations

It is the principal’s duty to oversee the growth of the school, especially in transforming it from a small school to a bigger institution. Much like how a mother manages the family budget at home, the principal sees to it that the school’s budget is efficiently utilized to cover all operating expenses.

3 Mentor teachers

As the “teacher of all teachers,” the principal is tasked to guide teachers in honing their craft, and turning them from ordinary to outstanding. When a principal is actively involved in ensuring the welfare of its teachers, it boosts the latter’s morale and inspires them to work harder. Also, when conflict arises among teachers, it is the principal who acts as “go-between,” ensuring that both sides are heard and a fair resolution is reached.

4 Handle parent-school relationship

Parents can be likened to a school’s “clients,” and one of the principal’s priorities is to ensure that the school maintains an open relationship with them. Through various parent-teacher initiatives, the principal facilitates the setting of expectations and gathering of feedback. The school’s partnership with parents is crucial in ensuring that their common goal is achieved: to provide the best education for their students and children.

5 Promote community involvement

The principal’s role extends beyond the walls of the school campus. Making sure that the local government supports the school’s initiatives, and that other members of the community are actively involved in helping the school is also a key aspect of the principal’s function. Moreover, the principal also facilitates student learning through community building activities.

Yes, the principal plays many different roles, but he is largely unrecognized for the all good work he does. It is in this light that the Leadership Strategies for School Managers has spearheaded the search for The Outstanding Principals, a nationwide search for the country’s most exemplary principals. If your principal is doing excellent work in your school and your community, then nominate him now! Check this link for more details!

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